Attention guaranteed

By choosing the Socialwave Marketing Package, you have taken the first step towards more new customers and automated marketing solutions. With professional advertising materials, you can draw the attention of your guests, customers or patients to your service - and get the best out of it!
Simply order stickers or stands online here and we will send you the desired material immediately.

  • Display

    Always cut a good figure, whether on tables, counters or at the checkout: displays that encourage your customers, guests or patients to use your service.

  • Stickers on sheet

    Round or square, black or blue, with or without a QR code. On practical A4 sheets and universally applicable to reach your customers.

  • Stickers individually

    Round stickers in different sizes and colors that draw attention to the free WiFi service on windows and other surfaces.

  • Trees for reviews

    Sustainability in two senses: Simply get more reviews and do something good for the climate by planting trees.

  • Beer mats

    The classic in every restaurant business. Use it now to get more reviews and collect customer data.

  • Business Cards

    Handy, practical and the most important things brought to the point. Get more reviews easily with business cards.